We have compiled the answers to some of our frequently asked questions for you. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.

    • What is a beauty drive? A beauty drive is the process by which Project ALOE collect products. Our drive lasts for two months; from June 1st until July 31st every year. However, partners and individuals are free to collect and sponsor products during the spring, if they like.
    • Are my donations tax-deductible? As of February 2015, Project ALOE is a community-based program under the non-profit organization Signature Red Cares.
    • Does my location have to be a salon or spa to be a drop-off location? No. Anyone that wants to collect products at their place of business, organization, or church is free to do so. However, because of the nature of the beauty drive and their clientele, we specifically ask salon and spa owners to sign up their business to be drop-off locations.
    • Is Project ALOE only for minorities? It is open to all young women. We only require that recipients are high school graduates that will attend a 4-year college/university in the fall semester immediately following the send-off event.
    • Is this for 4 year colleges and universities only? Yes. Trade schools are not included at this time.
    • Where do I drop off products? During the Project ALOE beauty drive, salons and spas serve as drop-off locations. However, we do make special arrangements for large volume donations. View our drop-off locations map for smaller donations or contact us for larger donations.
    • Do I have to be from Philadelphia or attend a school in Philadelphia to receive a care package or invitation to the send-off event? Project ALOE strives to support all college-bound young ladies that have graduated from a high school within the continental United States of America and plan to enroll in as a freshman for the fall semester of a 4 year college/university anywhere in the world. We currently serve the tri-state area, including New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and plan to expand to all of the remaining states. The same rules will apply to additional cities.
    • What is the send-off event? The Project ALOE send-off event is a free event hosted by a Project ALOE host for current year recipients only on the first Saturday of August. At the event the young ladies receive care packages and advice from beauty, hair, fitness, and college experts. It is a fun and festive event!
    • How long is the event? Approximately 3 hours.
    • Is there a dress code? It is a festive yet casual event. Girls are free to wear jeans, dresses, or skirts. Attire that is too short, too tight, or too revealing is not encouraged. Think graduation party and keep in mind that photos will be taken at the event for promotional purposes.
    • What are the requirements to attend the send-off event? Project ALOE has a pay-the-experience-forward service model. Our current recipients are asked to refer a high school junior (that meets the criteria) to attend the send –off event the following year. When registering for the send-off event, you are asked to supply a name and email address for your nominee.
    • Do I need a copy of my college acceptance letter? Yes. Project ALOE requires recipients to present a copy of their acceptance letter prior to or when checking into the event.
    • Can I bring parents or guests to the send-off event? Unfortunately Project ALOE is unable to accommodate parents and additional guests at our send-off events at this time. All of our resources are dedicated to the young ladies.
    • Can I register at the door? No. You must pre-register. We need to have a count before the day of the event for the care packages. 
    • Is parking available? The venue of the send-off event may vary but parking usually available.
    • Are there any expectations after the send-off event? Project ALOE strives to strength the community and ask that recipients keep in touch. When possible, we try to connect our recipients with our ALOE Campus Sisters.